Know About Aezowie Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd.

About Aezowie

Aezowie Infotech Services Private Limited is an IT company established in North India that provides software development, designing and network security services to corporations. Aezowie's innovative software products set technological standards right from the start and are known for their advanced, mature technology and usability. Hacking Club and IT Wala are special brands of Aezowie to provide IT services and trainings in affordable prices. Some of Its clients are Government of India, New Delhi institute of management & Sainik Enterprises. Aezowie also helped the Indian Government to secure the official Startup India website from a security risk.

Aezowie is founded by 21 year old entrepreneur Surya Pratap Singh who is an Indian cyber security expert, author, mentalist and artist. Aezowie’s specially focuses on young student's & children's to rise them up & helps them choosing passion over peer pressure.

Our History

The story of our company began in 2017, when we opened our own company. The passion for creativity appeared before the one for entrepreneurship, because we'll always liked to discover what mechanisms hide behind the things, how things in life work and how can they be optimized. Today our company specializes mainly in the IT services, software development, cyber security, and graphic designing.

Aezowie refers to Aezowie Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd. and its affiliates/ventures, including IT Wala and Hacking Club. At Aezowie, we strive to push the human race forward. It took a lot of tiny steps to get where we are today. We start giving the IT Services via our IT Wala app. Later on we opened the Hacking Club to provide professional IT courses in a different way.

Our company specially focuses on young student's & children's to rise them up & helps them choosing passion over peer pressure. We work closely together with young minds, supporting them in their efforts to improve and harness their performance and creativity. We also involve them in our IT projects, to help us innovate quickly and fulfill our customers expectations. According to our CEO Surya, young India has too much potential & our company Aezowie is harnessing that potential and energy to push the human race forward.

Significance of our Logo

Aezowie logo was created by Aezowie founder, Surya Pratap Singh, during the company’s incorporation in the 2017. The Aezowie logo symbolizes triangle with three colors, a fitting symbol for the name of the company. Our identity expresses Aezowie's core values, with each color representing an aspect of our business. Three core colors of the symbol are Green, Red and Blue. The Blue, a color identified with Confidence and Credibility represents our company’s strong technical and service foundation. The Red represents the high energy and powerful attitude of our people. Finally, the Green color in the symbol represents growth, peaceful nature and energy. These colors also symbolize the three core elements on earth, which are water, fire and nature itself. These three elements play an essential role to push the human life forward. Obviously the big triangle of our logo stands for ‘A’ in Aezowie. But look a little closer and you’ll see there’s much more to it.